Easy Headlight Cleaning Tips

Night drives can be challenging if your car’s headlights are faulty. As a result, damaged or overused headlights may expose you to risks. Every decision you make on the road depends on your ability to see what is ahead. Headlights are therefore essential for safe driving. Some modern lights are made of poly-carbonate material provides a long-term service to a car owner. However, due to ever-changing weather and driving conditions, the headlights are bound to become hazy or dim. Below is our list of some common practices that every car owner can regularly practice to maintain their headlights:

  • Regular clean up. Cleaning your car removes the dust particles that form on the headlight surface.
  • Try gentle scrubbing using either sand or sandpaper. Keep the headlights wet while doing this to minimize the pressure on the lenses surfaces and avoid further damage.
  • Apply UV sealant. As the cleaning process entails removal of the headlight’s outer layer, applying a UV sealant is vital in protecting it from hazing quickly after cleaning.

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