Be Sure to Stay Focused and Move Over for Emergency Vehicles

Driving on the highway every day to get to work, we see policemen, ambulance and fire trucks on the scene in many occurrences and during these occurrences many motorists just drive their vehicle like normal, maybe look to see what is going on, but most importantly they just speed on by the scene in the lane they were in even before spotting the incident. Guess what? They are wrong and breaking the law.

The move over law was created to save the lives of those vehicles that pull over on busy highways to save lives. Once you see those emergency flashing lights as clear as day, there is a matter up ahead and the operators of those very flashing light vehicles maybe, at this time, on the outside of their vehicle walking and moving about on or near the highway.

The move over law requires that oncoming vehicles towards firemen, ambulances, and policemen, while their lights are flashing, to slow down and change a lane or two over away from the scene. Many deaths have resulted because of a careless driver who did not follow the law and the individuals who save our lives, loses their lives prematurely.

Help our staff at Gillman Honda San Benito spread the word about the move over law in the local area!

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