Use Slower Speeds in Rainy Conditions

Rain can cause risks and dangers when driving, and you must use additional levels of care when operating your vehicle in wet conditions. Rain causes roads to be slick and reduces the wheel contact with the road surface. You will have different levels of braking and steering in rainy conditions.

Local drivers understand the need to drive slower in rainy and conditions and to allow more space between vehicles. At the start of rainfall, the water mixes with oils on the road to form a slippery film. Heavy rains have the potential to create a layer of water under your tires, and your car can hydroplane or ride on the water rather than the road.

At Gillman Honda San Benito, we offer these helpful tips to stay safe while driving in rainy conditions. Reduce speeds, turn on your headlights, and allow more time and distance for braking. Please use these safety tips, and visit our dealership for vehicle service including regular maintenance and safety inspections.



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