How to Jump Start a Car in a Few Easy Steps

Being able to jump start your car when the battery is dead can easily be done in a few simple steps. Let the Gillman Honda San Benito parts and service team give you a few pointers, in the event you experience a dead battery.

  1. The first thing to do is get the noses of the two cars as close together as possible so the jumper cables can easily reach.
  2. Turn off the car, open the hood for both cars, and grab the cables.
  3. The red clamps on your jumper cables are positive. Clamp one end to the good battery, then to the positive on the dead battery.
  4. The black clamps are negative. Clamp one to the negative on the battery that is good, then clamp to a metal surface on the car with a dead battery.
  5. Now you can crank to engine and let it idle a few minutes.
  6. Crank over the car with the dead battery; it may take a few attempts.

After the car is running, bring it to our San Benito, TX dealership and we will test the battery to determine its charging ability.