The Importance of Bicyclists and Motorists Sharing the Road Together Appropriately

As a motorist, you see them almost everywhere: bicyclists. Frankly, you may not give them much thought as you are running errands or engaging in your daily commute. However, you know it’s important to make sure that you both share the road as safely as possible. Moreover, bicyclists realize it as well, and they are also committed to keeping the road as safe as possible for motorists and for their fellow bicyclists. Here are some ways that both of these groups of people can work together in order to stay safe:

First of all, for motorists, it is important for them to follow a number of rules involving bicyclists. These would include such things as slowing down, double-checking their line of vision, allowing at least three feet between their vehicle and a bicyclist and also making sure they stay as alert as possible.

Secondly, for bicyclists, it is also important for them to be alert and follow all of the rules of the road. Moreover, they should never ride their bike against the flow of traffic.

If both parties follow these rules, there is no reason why an accident should happen. Need more tips? Talk to us at Gillman Honda San Benito today and we would be happy to give you more tips!



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