Types of Winter Tires

Whether you live in a climate prone to plenty of snowfall or just experience the occasional dusting of snowflakes, adequate traction on the road can be the difference between navigating snowy roads with ease or spinning out of control. There are several types of snow tires, with each style conferring special advantages.

Studded snow tires are meant for truly snowy roads. Their metal studs penetrate ice and packed snow, giving added traction in cases where other tires would fail. The metal studs can damage exposed roads over time, so some states have rules against them.

Studless snow tires deliver similar traction without the damaging effects on roads. The third variety is the performance tire. Designed in Europe, it's meant for traversing open roads that encounter the occasional low snowfall. Visit us at Gillman Honda San Benito, and we'll help you outfit your vehicle for winter, from snow tires to wiper blades.



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