Dog Friendly Vehicle Features: All Season Floor Mats

At Gillman Honda San Benito, we are well-aware of just how much a dog can enjoy the open road. And when you need a vehicle that will let your furry friend come along for the ride, we can help you find one with the features you need most.

One of the best features when you're looking for a dog-friendly vehicle is all season floor mats. These durable, pet resistant mats are ready to stand up to anything your dog can dish out. Traditional floor mats quickly become a muddy mess when you're frequently transporting animals, but all-season floor mats are easy to clean up. This means that if you have a food spill, muddy paws, or an unfortunate mishap, your vehicle is ready for it and will quickly look as good as new.

All season floor mats are a dog friendly feature to keep an eye out for when purchasing a vehicle, as they'll dramatically lower your stress when you travel with your pet.



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