How Towing Contrasts With Payload

When shopping for trucks, you'll want to do your research. At Gillman Honda San Benito, we're always happy to help. We have a number of vehicles, all of which have varying payload and towing capacities.

The amount of weight that your truck can carry by itself (without a trailer) is the payload. This includes any passenger weight as well as cargo that you may be carrying in the truck bed. Payload is determined when you take the vehicle's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and subtract the weight of the truck itself.

Towing capacity is how much you can haul behind you in a trailer. Because the trailer is able to help carry the load, towing capacity is typically much greater than payload. It can be over 10,000 pounds in a heavy-duty truck. Towing capacity is related to the power you your engine and the sturdiness of your frame.



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