Truck Cab Styles 101

We here at Gillman Honda San Benito love to give you useful info to help you make more savvy auto purchases. Familiarity with truck cab styles helps you choose a pickup whose size and seating configuration matches your needs and preferences. Here's a brief rundown of truck cab styles manufactured across the industry.

Regular, Extended, Double Cab

Regular cab is your classic two-door pickup with no rear seating. Extended cab has two front and rear doors, front-hinged and rear-hinged, respectively. Double cab, also called quad, is essentially a four-door sedan with a rear seat and an attached bed.

Crew, Mega/CrewMax

A crew cab pickup truck lets you have cake and eat it, too, boasting four full-size doors with conventional front hinges. All four doors are roughly the same size, and there is a full rear seat to accommodate more passengers. Mega, or crewmax, is crew on steroids, with four front-hinged doors and added space behind the rear seat for storage. Owing to its configuration, mega cab often has a short bed.



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