How Honda Ensures Safety for Everyone in San Benito, TX

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When you shop for a vehicle for your family, we know how important safety features are to your decision. The Honda brand takes your family’s safety seriously, too, and their “Safety for Everyone” philosophy is evident in the new Honda cars the brand offers customers like you.  

Safety for Everyone in Action 

As technology evolves, the Honda brand does too. You can find tech innovations in all aspects of new vehicles, and safety is one of the most important areas where automakers are making important strides.  

Many Honda vehicles have been awarded high safety ratings from the IIHS and NHTSA. And it’s easy to understand why when you review the list of standard features in newer Honda vehicles. Some of the most in-demand traits in newer models are active safety features that provide another level of awareness to drivers. These include: 

  • Multi-angle Rearview Camera: This feature helps you make sure it’s safe to reverse by reviewing your surroundings from multiple perspectives.
  • Honda Sensing®: These active driver aids alert you to pedestrians, unsafe lane drifting, road signs, and also mitigate the impact of a crash. 
  • Active Stability Features: Certain tools like active brake assist and electronic stability control provide stability and control over your vehicle when you need it most. 

Honda models back up these advanced active safety features with passive safety tools. These traits include the protective body structure, airbag system, and seatbelt design.  

When you visit Gillman Honda San Benito, we’ll be happy to show you the “Safety for Everyone” philosophy in action. Bring the whole family along to our Honda dealership near Brownsville, TX, to test-drive models that will keep you safe and protected on every drive.  

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