Ask Us Anything at Gillman Honda San Benito near Brownsville, TX

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Even if you didn’t buy or lease your vehicle from our Honda dealer serving Harlingen, we still encourage you to contact us whenever you have an automotive question. Regardless of the brand that produced your automobile, we want you to get the most out of your ownership experience, which is why we’re always happy to answer your car-related questions.

Here are some of the questions we’re asked most often at Gillman Honda San Benito:

  • Why is routine maintenance important? Routine maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle working the way it’s supposed to. It’s also important to any driver who wants to preserve their car’s resale value and prolong their car’s working life. If your car is due for some routine maintenance, bring it into our San Benito, TX Honda car service center today.
  • Can you give me one good reason why I should buy a pre-owned car instead of a new one? We can give you several, actually. One of the leading reasons you may want a previously owned vehicle is that you’ll avoid a lot of the rapid depreciation that occurs in the first year the automobile is privately owned. You’ll also pay less to buy a pre-owned car and your auto insurance premium and registration fees will be lower than they would be for a comparable new vehicle.
  • Which is wiser, leasing or buying a new Honda vehicle? There isn’t one set answer to this question because it depends on circumstances that are unique to you. The experts in our Honda finance center can help you decide which option is best for you.

If you have a question we didn’t answer above, we suggest you contact our Honda dealership near Brownsville, TX. Better yet – stop by Gillman Honda San Benito to talk to our automotive experts today.

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