Tips to Make Your Car’s Battery Last at Gillman Honda San Benito in Brownsville, TX

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As time goes by and you accumulate mileage on your odometer, you’ll need to replace some components on your automobile. Some parts, like your brake pads, will give you a warning when they need to be replaced, like emitting a high-pitched sound when braking. On the other hand, some components won’t give any indication that you need to replace them until it’s too late. Your battery is one example of a part that generally won’t give any warning that you need a new one.

Your battery is solely responsible for starting your engine and supplying power to a lot of systems. For those reasons, it makes sense for you to do what you can to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible.

One of the most effective things you can do to make your battery last is drive often. Taking frequent short rides isn’t enough, however. To make sure your battery will start your car the next time you want to go somewhere, you should drive for at least 30 minutes at 1,000 RPMs. If you had to jumpstart your battery and you want to fully recharge it, you should increase your drive time to at least 60 minutes.

Making an appointment to bring your car into our San Benito, TX Honda service center often is something else you can do to prolong the life of your battery. We’ll make sure your battery is securely in place and free of corrosion. We’ll also test your battery to give you an idea of how much longer your battery will last. Honda dealership near Harlingen, TX,

For more tips about prolonging the life of your car’s battery, contact Gillman Honda San Benito now!

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