Honda Fit stands out in the subcompact hatchback category. It looks comfortable and efficient, with advanced safety and tech features as well. It also performs well on adverse terrain, even while hauling an entire family and cargo. These two performance features selected by our Gillman Honda San Benito team explain even better.

Precision Paddle Shifters

Honda Fit's Paddle Shifters call the heydays of stick shifts to mind. This race car-inspired technology puts manual-like control of gear-shifting directly into your hands. For more dynamic driving in the city or on country roads, paddle shifters get the job done, offering quick, smooth responsiveness with zero lag.

Controls on the Steering Wheel

Say goodbye to cockpit layouts that force you to reach every which way for audio or cruise control functions. Honda Fit's Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls let you swiftly access a host of in-cabin amenities without removing your hands from the wheel.

Play with these and other interior features of the Honda Fit during a test drive at Gillman Honda San Benito today.


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