The Honda Civic has long been a popular compact sedan. San Benito drivers love the sporty look and feel of this auto, as well as its impressive speed and handling. At Gillman Honda San Benito, we want to help shoppers learn more about two exterior features that make the new Civic a worthwhile choice.

Get A Sleek, Sophisticated-Looking Vehicle

While the Civic ultimately remains a very compact and sporty vehicle, the latest incarnation has a decidedly sophisticated look. This is due to the clean, sleek styling of the Civic's exterior. This car has sharp body lines from end to end, and a bolder and more clearly defined face.

Attractive C-Shaped Taillights

The taillights on the Honda Civic have an attractive C-shape. These LED lamps make a clear styling statement that perfectly complements the LED headlamps up front. For more info on the new Honda Civic or to take one out for a test drive, drop by Gillman Honda San Benito today.



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